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Ethically Sourced Cacao

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Change Your Chocolate!

Did you know if you’re like the average person, you eat about 12 pounds of chocolate per year? The problem with that is that most people are eating the “regular” unhealthy chocolate that has been stripped of its antioxidants and other vital nutrients.

That’s what makes Xoçaí Healthy Chocolate so different and so…healthy!

So the choice is clear.

Video: Discover how Xoçaí has captured the nutritional superiority of cacao.

Xoçaí is Socially Responsible

It is the policy of Xoçaí to make sure that our contribution to the planet is positive in our interactions with other cultures and people, and encourages leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible.

Cacao Sourcing

For instance, Xoçaí's cacao is obtained from small, family-owned and operated farms in the Ivory Coast. This is important because cacao beans from this region of the world are significantly higher in antioxidants due to the harsh growing conditions. As a socially and environmentally conscience company, MXI Corp or Xoçaí has been assured that there is no human exploitation or pesticides used in the harvesting of our cacao beans.

Packaging Materials

Xoçaí has also ensured that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. In fact, we use only packaging materials certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.