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The Athletic Advantage

As we search for ways to be healthier, many of us are leading a more active, athletic lifestyle. Healthy chocolate can not only benefit your overall health, but can increase energy levels, support an active lifestyle, and transform your fitness and athletic regimen as well.

As the leader in healthy chocolate, Xoçaí's products are unique from any available today. Its proprietary processing, which retains cacao’s powerful antioxidant properties and varied phytonutrients, is the basis of their distinguished chocolate products that can supply all-natural energy, improve mental focus, accelerate post-exercise recovery and elevate overall athletic performance.

Why are athletes everywhere excited about healthy chocolate products like Xoçaí?

SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED: Several studies show that high-grade dark chocolate supports athletic performance, recovery and improved energy.

BOOSTS ENERGY: Healthy chocolate delivers an array of nutrients the body needs to optimize production of energy—and it does so without the help of unhealthy sugars or harsh stimulants.

ACCELERATES RECOVERY: Research shows that dark chocolate possesses distinct antii-flammatory properties. This means it can reduce the soreness and pain associated with athletic activity.

PROTECTS CELLS: Xoçaí's potent antioxidant abilities protect the body’s cells, tissues and organs. This allows the body to function at its optimal capacity for more intense training.

SUPPORTS THE HEART & BRAIN: Various studies convincingly show that healthy chocolate can promote the function of both the cardio system and the brain, both of which are crucial for athletes.

100% NATURAL and “CLEAN”: Xoçaí's all-natural products do not contain any ingredients that are banned by various anti-doping agencies and major athletic organizations.

Did You Know?
Cacao contains several amino acids (including leucine) that are known to contribute to muscle growth and repair, as well as proper mental function.


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